Illuminate productions were pleased to present EXIT - The first London solo show of British graffiti artist SheOne - James Choules.

Inspired by abstract typography and expressionism Choules will transformed a historical site on the South Bank before its demolition - using bold strokes, emblems and personalised shorthand; a style that has won him acclaim for its quietly dramatic minimalism.

SheOne began making graffiti in his teens and went on to become an influential part of the 80's graffiti renaissance. Originally inspired by rock/punk music and spray names on the New York subway, some twenty years later SheOne has received international recognition and proved that graffiti has a place in the contemporary art world.



We are currently working on next year's exhibition. There will be an open submission application this year. To register your interest please and we'll be in touch shortly. Alternatively please visit the site in mid January for more information. Thanks.


Playing live on the 5th January

A.J.KWAME (aka Pete Adjaye from the Runaways)

The Moon Orchestra


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