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Drift 08 : Overview
DRIFT 08 - Overview
Tower Bridge
excellent, inspirational - a surprise around every corner

ILLUMINATE PRODUCTIONS a not-for-profit organisation, presents contemporary artwork in unusual, yet accessible environments.

This is done by opening 'lost' buildings and identifying areas of geographical or historical importance, including interesting public outdoor spaces.


Illuminate challenges established and emerging artists to work in ground-breaking contexts, so their work can be bought to community and international audiences.


DRIFT 08 media coverage

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Working with footfall calculations and timed counts: 5.5 million people saw some or all parts of the exhibition

Media representation:
UK print and online - 55 features including the Guardian, The Times, The Financial Times, The Evening Standard, The Independent, Metro, The Independent on Sunday.

International press and online press - 25 articles including the Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, Arab Times, Canadian Times, Sydney Morning Herald.

Art and Design magazines including Blueprint magazine (2 page feature), Art of England (3 page feature), Sculpture magazine USA (2 page feature), Royal Academy magazine, Arts Quarterly, Creative Review etc.

Online blogs - 100's  including Flickr, You tube, the Londonist etc.

Televised news - 6 international news features

BBC London - features on morning, lunchtime and evening news - 2.22 mins; Korea KBS - 8 million viewers - 2. 48 mins; China National News - 18 million viewers - 2.02 mins; France - 20heure - extended news feature; Germany national news; Dutch national news

TV footage - Locations
Minder -  Channel 5 - 14/02/09
Have I got news for you - BBC 1 - 29/10/08
CNBC - news reel backdrop for political feature - 1/10/08

BBC 4 'Nightwaves'  - Feature
BBC Asian network - Feature
Smooth Radio - 3 advertisements