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Drift 08 : Educational Programme
DRIFT 08 - Educational Programme

The DRIFT series has an exciting and inclusive 'out of the box' series of opportunities; including workshops, training  and team building for both the public and corporate groups.

The workshops will give people the chance to expand on their creative ideas and to fulfil ambitions. They will also draw individual's knowledge of life, ideas and passions and needs. They will provide an inspirational, rewarding and long-lasting experience for all those involved, with the aim of enhancing lives and well-being.



The education programme aims to:


  1. Encourage participation in contemporary art
  2. Provide opportunities to learn new skills and techniques for making and exploring visual art
  3. Raise the educational aspirations of participants
  4. Offer opportunities for professionals to work together to enhance creativity
  5. Provide workshops that benefit from smaller numbers of participants
  6. Provide quality contemporary artworks for the public to enjoy


Image courtesy of Angela Conner.