CORE has now ended, thanks to everyone who visited and made it a huge success.

Thanks also to our fantastic sponsors who gave us the chance to make it happen.

Sculpture, Painting, Installation, Sound and Film.

Making site-specific work, the artists explored the chemical and physical change of matter and acted as a physical entity in contact with the elements - opening themselves to embrace time and nature in all traces and chance happenings. In creating a simulacrum of natural phenomena the artists constructed a unique sense of time and place.

CORE was held at Union Works, a disused factory on the South Bank, chosen for its unique energy, vast size, temporal structure and historical site - Union Works houses the site of the last remaining bear-baiting arena from the 1680s.

Working alongside artists, musicians and lighting designers, Illuminate Productions aims to create an exciting art experience. These ambitious projects aim to not only benefit the artists and musicians involved, but also have a direct impact on the local community.



James McArthur

The Moon Orchestra

Jamie Davies



Aum Sahib

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